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How Do Mentalists Guess Numbers?

Mentalism has been there for a long time in history. Earlier, it was a popular art that people performed on stage for the audience. This demonstration was even witnessed oftentimes by the royal families and celebrities. Further, this art became a part of rare talent that now many perform for television talent shows and YouTube channels. There are also chances that few mentalists demonstrate hypnosis along with mentalism to charm everyone. Mentalism also became an integral part of the magic. Several magicians like to show off with their mental skills.

A skilled Mentalist will not only display his art but also perform it well for the audience. Being able to present well, interact and hold the audience’s attention is also an important part of this field. One of the most famous mentalists of all time, Joseph Dunninger, has been popular for promoting natural mentalism. He even believed that if people knew about it, anyone could do it easily. Some people also believe that mentalism is deep-rooted in our history. Even some religions mention mentalism thousands of years ago. If you have heard about them or even seen them perform, you might have wondered about it. Let us see how mentalists can guess numbers so easily.


How Do Mentalists Guess Numbers That You Think?

Mentalism is not a superpower. It is also not a special gift that people receive since birth. It is just a part of magic wherein the performer tricks people. For the most part, it only includes rhetorics, studying body language and expressions. It is well known that a person’s body language can give away a lot of information than they think. This is because whatever we think in our mind somehow reflects in our body.

For instance, you might have heard that many investigating officers and detectives study body language to know if someone is lying. Apart from this, mentalists also make use of studying expressions. When they ask questions and talk to a person, they are not doing it to know an answer. They do it to study their expression and take their time. This helps them think and closely guess what the person is thinking about.

Another technique often used is a suggestion. Mentalists subtly feed the information they want to retrieve in the mind of the person. Because of these subtle signs, the person’s subconscious mind accepts it and does the same thing. A mentalist further confirms this by studying the subject’s body. Being a mentalist does not require one to randomly guess everything. What is important is that they study body language, human expressions, and emotions deeply. Only after a thorough study of these things, one can start practicing to become a mentalist. There are also other tricks including maths formulas and questioning that can help a person gain confidence.

Hence, mentalism is nothing but a performing art. It is more about being able to distract the volunteer enough to study them. Once you can study them, ask questions to do your work. This helps a mentalist become successful. They have not only to multitask but also think in three or four directions at the same time. The next time you see a mentalist perform, observe them closely. You might find how they subtly feed information into another’s mind and study their expressions.