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Does Squirt Have Caffeine?

Introduction: Squirt is a popular soft drink made by Herb Bishop. It was in the year 1938 that they made it while an experiment was ongoing with a sour drink, Citrus Club. The fresh drink created has a lesser amount of sugar and fruit juice, which gave it a smooth fresh flavor. In the United […]

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How Do Mentalists Guess Numbers?

Introduction: Mentalism has been there for a long time in history. Earlier, it was a popular art that people performed on stage for the audience. This demonstration was even witnessed oftentimes by the royal families and celebrities. Further, this art became a part of rare talent that now many perform for television talent shows and […]

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Can Bunnies Eat Chocolate?

Introduction: The short-lived but happy and beautiful bunnies are everyone’s favorite. With a life span of about 9 years, only a few rabbit species are wild. All others (over 300) are domestic rabbits that people can own as pets. Most rabbits are lighter and can run at a high speed. Therefore, catching a rabbit is […]


Very Surprising But Crucial Facts About COVID-19

In January 2020, scientists around the world announced that, a new Coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2 was responsible for a huge outbreak of a respiratory illness in Wuhan, China. Since then, the novel coronavirus has spread all across the planet, and it has touched every single country on the planet. A global pandemic was declared, and I […]

Official Relations
Official Relations

Ethiopia and the United States: Celebrating One Hundred Years of Official Relations

Ethiopia and the United States celebrate this month the 100th anniversary of contact between the governments of President Theodore Roosevelt and Emperor Menelik II. This month 100 years ago marked the first meeting by an official American delegation with the leader of Africa’s oldest independent country. An American mission led by Robert Peet Skinner arrived […]


Cities Of Ethiopia Debre Zeit And Adama

There are few roads in Addis as congested as Debre Zeit. That is saying a lot. This road is the main lifeline of Addis, connecting the land-bound capital with the port of Djibouti. As a result it is a maze of slow moving trailer trucks, with cars, donkeys and people dodging around them to get […]


China To Replace US As ‘World’s Biggest Economy By 2028

China will actually end up overtaking the United States of America as the biggest economy on the planet, by the year 2028 and it is because of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a rivalry between China and the United States of America, currently, because of the pandemic. There will be an economic fallout between the […]

Great Habshis
Great Habshis

Great Habshis In Ethiopian/Indian History

The Third Habshi Ulugh Khan The third Habshi bearing the title of Ulugh Khan was Yaqut’s son Muhammad, also known as Shams ud-Dawlah Muhammad al-Habshi, who served as vizier to his father from 1543-4 to 1557-8. Also called Khayrat Khan, he also held the title of al-Majlis al-Ashraf al-Ali, and is remembered, as we have […]


The Cities Of Ethiopia – Dire Dawa – Part 2

The Markets The second great thing about DD (the first is the French influence) is the markets. There are a lot of them. Things are suspiciously cheap. Let’s face it – a lot of stuff avoids the onerous import duties through side routes from the difficult to control border with Somaliland, over which items which […]