Can Bunnies Eat Chocolate?

The short-lived but happy and beautiful bunnies are everyone’s favorite. With a life span of about 9 years, only a few rabbit species are wild. All others (over 300) are domestic rabbits that people can own as pets. Most rabbits are lighter and can run at a high speed. Therefore, catching a rabbit is never easy. You can buy a good breed from a decent pet shop.

The rarer the breed, the harder it would be to find it.Although rabbits can mostly take care of themselves, if you make them your pet, they would need extra care. They have big ears and a tiny nose which can get hard to clean. If you have a house with enormous space, you can even get a family of bunnies. This will help them stay busy among themselves. If you do not wish to spend much money on them, you can even adopt them.

There are plenty of shops and caretakers around that let you adopt pets. But that would not stop the other expenses at all. You still need to pay for their shelter (as they cannot keep roaming around). There are other costs as well as buying appropriate vegetables and fruits for them, getting a box to throw litter, etc.

About their food choices, let’s now see if bunnies can get away with eating the chocolate kept at your home. What would happen if they munch on it?

Can You Give Chocolates to Bunnies?

Rabbits are not dogs. And although chocolates are bad for both, they can be poisonous to the former. If you own a rabbit or are planning to get one, you must keep this in your mind. Rabbits usually like to munch on vegetables, grass, and fruits. You can buy specialized flavored rabbit food as well. But chocolates are not good for their health.

Chocolates have a very high content of theobromine. It also contains caffeine in some quantities. The best food for them is indeed hay. But, whenever you find them eating your chocolate or if you gave them one, you need to take them to the vet. This emergency arises because chocolates work like poison on rabbits. As a rabbit’s body differs from you, chocolate severely affects their nervous system and might kill them. Experts have also observed that even if it cannot kill them, it might harm their body so much, that frequent seizures might be visible.

Although if they have eaten in your absence, there is no way you could have stopped it. But, try to keep chocolates hidden or out of their reach. There is no one response that their body gives after eating chocolate. They might experience heart failure, seizure, reduced lung capacity, etc.

Hence, make a note of it. Rabbits and chocolates do not go hand in hand. Keep all the chocolates to you and also check on any younger kids or siblings who might end up doing so. Animals are living beings like us that cannot easily communicate with us. Always keep the contact information for animal doctors on your phone. In case of any emergency, take your rabbit to them. Do not wait for any more symptoms to grow, act at the moment.