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Does Squirt Have Caffeine?

Squirt is a popular soft drink made by Herb Bishop. It was in the year 1938 that they made it while an experiment was ongoing with a sour drink, Citrus Club. The fresh drink created has a lesser amount of sugar and fruit juice, which gave it a smooth fresh flavor. In the United States, many soft drink companies were coming up, which is why Squirt drink had a tough time standing out. But because of its unique flavor and taste, it did not take long to do so.

Its list of ingredients usually includes flavored juice with some amount of grapefruit juice. Apart from the original squirt soft drink, several other brands were included in its vertical expansion. This helped in making the brand what it is today. The company launched Diet Squirt Plus, Squirt Sorbet, and even Ruby Red Squirt. It also entered the market of energy drinks while adding more citrus extracts in its products. The citrus flavor has become its identity, and this drink is now one of the most popular soft drinks in the entire United States. Keuring Dr. Pepper manufactures Squirt soft drink. Many people have claimed that Squirt drink contains caffeine. This has led to many fitness enthusiasts leaving this product. Let us examine more about this claim to know whether it has caffeine.


Does Squirt Drink Have Caffeine?

The traditional Squirt Soda Drink has nearly 150 calories and is caffeine-free. It does not contain any amount of caffeine at all, and hence people use it as a side drink or beverage. This citrus-flavored variant comes out after the manufacturer concentrates grapefruit juice to a high level. This concentrated juice helps in giving the drink its flavor. Even the diet Squirt drink does not contain any caffeine.

However, if you are conscious about your daily intake of caffeine, you must keep a check on another of its product. It is the Ruby Red variant of the drink. It contains caffeine in some amount which is helpful as an energy drink. This Ruby Red variant also has its Diet version. Both of them have caffeine. The amount of caffeine is usually near 40 mg per can. Therefore, these two drinks are not recommended for children. If you are quite sensitive to the use of caffeine, also prevent it. Apart from that, all other variants are safe to drink and have no caffeine at all.

Although, as an informed consumer, you must make a note that nearly 40 mg caffeine is a negligible amount. Anything above 70-80 mg of caffeine might be more than you need. Drinks like Redbull, Monster Energy, or a very strong espresso have this much caffeine. Only people who are habitual and can handle this amount should take up these drinks. Apart from that, Squirt Soda is the safest product, with only carbonated water, flavors and sweetener added.

Hence, if you dislike having caffeine, experts recommend that you either have drinks with a minimal amount of caffeine or none. As a sportsperson or worker, caffeine might be a regular requirement, but if you work on a desk, you do not need high amounts of caffeine.