Giving Up Is Never an Option

Most people struggle to be consistent with something of much value to them. Sometimes, you will feel like not doing what you care most about, while other times, you will feel like giving up entirely on your journey to greatness.

According to most experts, GRIT is the main element to acquired success; hence everyone needs to exercise it.

However, if you ever feel like giving up, this is what you should always remind yourself:

Your Mind Is the Engine of Suggestions

Every thought that crosses your mind is a suggestion or an order. For instance, when you feel tired, your mind suggests giving up or taking an easier path. Still, your mind is indicating that finishing the task will make you feel good and accomplished.

So, when your mind is ordering you to give up, it is also ordering you to finish because you can.

This means that all these are mere suggestions; hence you have the right to choose which one to follow.


Discomfort Is Short-Term

Almost every habit and task you have is quick to perform. Unlike the ancient times where you had to kill your food and build your house, people nowadays complain over the slightest things like forgetting a phone charger.

With the mindset that life is good and easy, whatever discomfort you feel will appear temporary. Instead of sleeping away the moment of despair, step in it and work as it passes away.


Good Work Is Always Worth It

The famous Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” However, most often, people want to work easy and quick at a task worth doing. This way, you want helpful and respectable work but would rather not struggle through the job.

For instance, you will find people longing for flat tummy and toned arms but are not ready to grind through a proper workout. You want the final product so much but would instead not go through the failed trials that precede it. Usually, everybody wants a gold medal, but only a few people are ready to train hard like an Olympian to earn it.

Conversely, even with much resistance to working hard, nobody would complain after finishing the task. Even when it seems complicated to start, it is always worth starting at the end when you look back, reaping what you sow. Sometimes, completing the act begins with the simple step of courage and showing up.


It Is Life

In life, it is all about conquering the pain of discipline and giving into distractions. Better still, life is simply the several battles people face and the little decisions to either give up or face it out. Even when you do not feel like working, they are precious and not worth throwing away.

Therefore, as necessary and natural as any other moment in your life, spend the moment you want to give up in a way that will make you proud.

So whenever you want to give up, show up! Show up, do the work and let the world decide.