Different Beats Better

While being the best will win you trophies in sports, it is not the strategy to succeed in life and business. Most people apply the wrong approach of being the best in building a profitable business.

In life or in business, to be particular, you should strive to be the first rather than being the best. Besides, the people are after what’s new but not what’s better in the market.

Moreover, people in the business compete to be the best in the same market; a common mistake for the failure of most companies. That is why a business will find itself in a market flooded with competition unable to break through.


How to Break From Competition

Be different.

Like in music, where every artist on the top is different from the other, you should also ensure your business is unique in its approach to the market.

Even though music is excellent, it becomes hard to rule on the best musician because they are all different in their genres. Once you achieve being different, you will find yourself alone and first in your category.

When launching a new product, it would be best to know how better it is from the competition and what new category your new product is in.


Do Not Ask What You Are Better At

Most motivational speakers will tell you to highlight what you are best at. However, the best approach would be to figure out how different you are.

If you want to know how different you are, you need to put together new skills in a particular area. This way, you will raise your market value by combining more than one skill that you are good at. It would be best to be practical and generally realistic not to build castles in the air with your expectations in your approach.

Consequently, it is possible to become different in becoming better in other fields. For instance;

  • Writing: Nearly everybody can write, but learning how to write differently and well will make you stand out from the rest.
  • Public speaking: This is a challenge for most people to stand in front of a crowd to speak. If this is something you are comfortable with, it will also help you earn points for becoming a good leader.
  • Selling: People are always selling something, from services, products, even us.

So, what if you combine everything to form something like a doctor who can write, speak well and sell their services to the world? This will make you unique from the rest who are specialists at one thing than the other.


Think Different

While this has become a cliché, it is more than just a marketing slogan. When you notice being and thinking differently, you will start seeing this pattern in most successful businesses.

Even though millions of phone brands helping us make communication more accessible, it is the tiny difference that makes others stand out better than the rest. For instance, it can be a brand with the best camera, screen, battery, cover, and general appearance.

So, in your business, how are you going to be different?