Daily Running Habit That Will Work

Even though many people desire to start a daily running habit, it seems like an impossible thing to do. But, having a daily running habit can be possible than you think; with the right strategy, of course.

Moreover, even with other people running more miles than you are planning, it shouldn’t stop you from starting an excellent healthy course. Better still, you don’t need to be an athlete to be outstanding and consistent in the running.

Conversely, when you think of forming a daily running habit, think of the benefits of running to your body. Generally, running every day can be easier done than said with the help of a practical plan like below.

Read on.


Stop Thinking

When planning to start running daily, it is customary to make suggestions for making you quit. At this time, you begin to formulate so many things In mind that should get in the way and procrastinate.

The result of over-thinking is always no result at all. Therefore, it would be best not to decide on anything but to wake up and run. This way, you will have no room in your mind to create objections.


Plan a Suitable Schedule

Running is not something you pull out from Mars. Therefore, try fitting your daily running schedule into your lifestyle. Are you someone who wakes up early to go to work or can have a few minutes you can spare and run for 30 minutes?

There’s no definite time to fit in your running routine as people’s lifestyles are different. Some can run in the morning, afternoon and others in the evening after work.

When you start feeling weird that you are not going for a run, you are on the right track to building a habit.


Reduce Landing Shock

Like everything in life, running is not easy, and there’s a way to do it properly.

The best way to run involves managing your stride rate to reduce the landing shock. Preferably, running at 180 steps per minute will help you minimize the risks of injury.

Instead of longer strides, smaller and lighter ones are safer as you also maintain your feet under your upper body as you land.

When you form a habit of running, the last thing you want is to get injuries. Therefore, focus on your stride rate to reduce the landing shock and run like a feather.


Start Slowly

If your general fitness is wanting, start with about 15 minutes of running a day. As you make it a habit, progress the time interval until you can control your breaths for longer durations and distance.

Better still, incorporate running with walking in intervals to enjoy the routine and gain more benefits. Ideally, you are starting not to create a marathon body for competition but to form a running habit to maintain; hence begin slow.


Rest before Fatigue

Running is not easy; thus impossible for beginners to maintain running every day.

When starting, your body will begin paining, especially the joints on the legs. When you have sore muscles and joints, go for a 30-minutes walk instead.

It would help if you tried running for three days and walking the rest until your body is ready to build the running consistency in a week.

Above all, ensure you love the new routine and have the proper running gear, shoes, and clothes to interchange.