Simien Mountains
Simien Mountains

The National Parks of Ethiopia Simien Mountains – Part III

In the last two weeks we’ve walked through the Simien Park. Now the adventure continues Threat to the Environment The fragile environment of the high Simiens is in constant danger from the infringement of man. Ethiopia’s highlands are crowded as they are the preferred living spot for Northern Ethiopians –areas that are free from malaria […]


New Scheme Aims to Improve Land Tenure Security for Peasants

Ethiopia is embarking on a land certification scheme to try and improve security of tenure for its farmers, IRIN reported here on Tuesday. The scheme aims to offer greater security to Ethiopia’s farmers – whose land is owned by the state – and encourage them to invest more heavily in their farms. Some analysts argue […]


How to Load a Glass Blunt Safely – The Ultimate Guide

Loading a glass blunt safely is important for both the safety of yourself and others. If you are ever responsible for handling a dangerous object, know how to load it safely. Loading a glass blunt safely requires practice, but with this ultimate guide, you will be able to do it in no time!   Introduction […]


How to Spell Cheetos

You probably know how to spell words like “cheese” and “cherry.” But what about “Cheetos” or “Kool-Aid”? If you struggle with tricky words like these, you aren’t alone. Many English learners have difficulty spelling words that are made up of common letter combinations that just don’t occur often in everyday vocabulary. However, with practice, you […]

Food and cooking

How to Cook Mre: MRE Recipes That Will Save You When You’re Lost in The Wild

When you’re out in the wilderness, there are very few comforts that you’d find at home. The biggest challenge when going out to explore a new natural habitat is finding something to eat. Unless you have an unlimited supply of protein bars and snacks with you, it’s best to bring along some food that won’t […]


Can You Snort Keef?

Keef is the small, greenish-brown resin found between the pistils of cannabis flowers. It’s often referred to as “pot pollen” because it looks like yellowish pollen. Keef has become very popular in recent years for its high concentration of cannabinoids—primarily THC and CBD—and its crunchy texture makes it easy to sprinkle on top of things, […]