Why the Government Can’t Get Healthcare Right

Health care is a right that every responsible government owes to its citizens – irrespective of the status of the citizen. I have taken a look at what is on the ground and my conclusion is that things are not going in the right direction. The government is adopting lots of measures here and there, but it seems all efforts on their part to fulfill their civic responsibilities all went down the drain.

I have sat and pondered on why the government, after massive sincere investments in the sector is not getting it right, I realized that there is a glaring shortage of doctors as well as dentists and nurses, yet the citizens are still paying a huge bill on health care. There is a misplaced priority on the part of policy implementers for the government in the health sector.

I looked into the books for a period spanning over three decades with the U S as my point of focus; the results l got were lopsided. Over that time, the number of administrative staff has grown 25 times more than the number of physicians! Can you imagine that degree of lopsidedness?

People are paying more for health care service; but in the real sense, they are only paying for the salary of the administrative staff! Without the medical personnel, what then is the use of administrative staff?  Can you see where the problem lies?

The chief reason why the government is not getting things right can be attributed to the activities of private health care practitioners. As the health cost soars, it brings higher profit to these private health care professionals. One of their primary goals is profit, with the present situation, the pendulum is swinging in their favor, and hence, they wanted it to continue for eternity.

My findings on these private health care practitioners show that they are doing everything possible to frustrate the right intentions of government so that their hold on the health sector will continue. For them, it is a brisk business. I bet you can now see and understand clearly the crooked policies of government on the health sector.

The set of people involved is very powerful and influential individuals; this makes it more difficult for the government to deal with them. They maintain a huge presence in any government that comes to power; they are what l call sacred cows in the society. They have succeeded in pocketing the health sector for their selfish gains and interests.

There is an outside reason that is responsible for the failure of governments to get it right in the health care industry. Some citizens still believe that universal health care is evil. They refuse to register for it and therefore put spanners in the works of policy implementers. Cause I can tell you that the government won’t be on the cutting edge of the best nootropics of 2017 or be helping people try or help you in finding the best wrist wraps of 2017 to help improve people’s lives. Why? Because this isn’t the role of the government but if health care was privatized again it could and probably would be. 

The powerful special interests which also include the drug companies, as well as medical equipment suppliers and insurance companies, will make all the efforts on the part of government futile. That is the stark reality.

My candid observations on a final note are that the terrain is too murky. Cost effective national health insurance coverage will not be easy considering the intrigues currently in place in that sector.

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