What You Need to Know When Looking for a Lawyer

Let’s face it. Law firms and lawyers can be very intimidating with their large mahogany tables, shiny spectacles, perfectly pressed suits and authoritative air, but no matter how nerve-racking facing them may be, at least once in our life we’ll need the help of a lawyer. I, for one, found myself needing their help a couple of times already for various reasons, and I’m telling you, my first time encountering a lawyer consisted of a jumbled mess of stutters, intimidation, and ignorance. I wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone because that was traumatizing, so I wrote a list of things you need to know when looking for a lawyer.



First and foremost, when you’re looking for a lawyer you should consider their veracity. No matter what your reasons for getting a lawyer may be, an honest lawyer with a strict moral code is always a great sign. You wouldn’t want to end up in a situation where you’d doubt the honesty of the lawyer you hired and end up feeling insecure instead of assured. When first meeting a lawyer, get a feel for their character by asking questions and looking at how they handle themselves, their gestures and their speech. You can also go hire lawyers from reputable firms like Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyer Phillips & Associates.



If it seemed like the lawyer is an honest individual, you should consider if you’re comfortable with him/her. If you find yourself thoroughly intimidated by that person that you can’t even relay your problems or situation clearly, then you’re better off not hiring anyone. The same thing is true if the lawyer is not very responsive and dislikes answering queries. Communication is a two-way relationship. If only one of you is putting an effort in talking, problems are sure to arise during the course of the case.  Miscommunication and the lack of communication in general, are after all, a sure recipe for disaster.



Before meeting with your prospective lawyer, always consider if they are suitable for the job that you require by researching them and the most appropriate type of lawyer for your legal circumstance. Be it for a divorce filing, a lawsuit, will drafting or criminal charges, the lawyer who has relevant experience for your situation is always the best choice. If your company has violated your employment contract and you want to sue them, an Employment and Labor Lawyer is a better choice compared to a Tax Lawyer. Do not be shy about asking questions about the lawyer’s field of expertise, the cases they’ve handled and how long they’ve been practicing. Make the meeting count and glean as much information as you can.


Clear Payment Scheme

When looking for the perfect lawyer, you should also consider if they are within your budget range aside from their skills and characteristics. If they advertise a very low fee, be wary of any unmentioned additional fees. A good lawyer has a clear payment scheme that indicates how much the lawyer charges – if it’s per hour, per hearing or whatnot. Have an agreement with your lawyer and secure a contract that shows how much the case fee will be and what the maximum cost is.

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