How Divided Is America in 2017?

Is our country truly divided?If so, how divided is America in 2017?

We may never know the exact level of division, but understanding the nature of division among the American society is a crucial step towards creating a more inclusive and progressive society.

In what ways might America be divided?

how divided is america in 2017

Socio-Economic Status and Education

Education was once upon a time a ticket to success, which used to involve advancement up the socio-economic ladder.

Now, as the United States continues to disintegrate in so many ways, it seems like the situation is the other way around. Education of excellent quality in America can make for a great foundation from which you will be able to build a career to make it skyrocket. That is a vision fueled by ambition. It is a clear-cut representation of the great “American Dream.”

To earn a degree from a recognized academic institution in the US, however, will cost you a large sum of money. Graduating from a university seems to be catering to the affluent, and the less wealthy end up under a pile of student loans which they will have to pay for using their first month’s’ earnings from a job that is not even guaranteed yet.

These days, the problem lies in that you first need to come from money for you to obtain a good education.


The United States is a massive melting pot where people of different shapes, sizes, and colors, from diverse ethnic groups and heritages, and with very distinct backgrounds, come to meet and try their luck at the American Dream.

The American population is composed of people of various racial descent who are supposed to have come to meet on the US soil to unite and not to instigate such a great collapse. We may be from different bloodlines, but we are ultimately Americans. At the end of the day, we are supposed to work hand in hand and not aim at each other’s neck. Sadly, that is just not the situation in reality.

Culture and Subculture

The co-existence, which is not exactly harmonious, of numerous cultures and subcultures, are also contributors to the great American divide of today. You can tell this divide by something as simple as some people out there think owning a top self defense knife or researching otf knife reviews makes them a terrorist and should be prosecuted, while others think that is just a simple and normal thing that everyone should do.

There is the dominant ruling culture whose members have significantly immense power over the minority. To clear the air, the dominant culture in the American society does not necessarily equate to being bigger in the number of members. They belong to the ruling culture because they have the material wealth, the political power, and the advantage of belonging to a globally acknowledged religion, among many other kinds of edges over the rest of the ordinary citizens.

The American Dream Is Now Crumbling into the American Divide.

We are in a colossal discord. This disagreement may deserve a decent discourse more than being met with violence and wrath. The United States of America is definitely drifting apart, with the American Dream nothing more than a fantasy for the less privileged ones.

the current state of the united states of america

Just Exactly How Divided Is America in 2017?

The American people are in a very awkward situation. The factionalism is bad, awful even. We are helplessly watching America fall to bits, and at an incredibly fast rate. That is how America is divided now. What’s left to do is to determine steps on how to lessen this gap before it’s too late.

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