The news is crucial as it helps us know and understand what is happening around the world.  News has always been a way of life and created a huge impact in people’s lives. The world has since evolved from a traditional way of sharing news to the digital age where everything is done via the internet.

Ted C. Jones understood that, and this inspired him to think of a way to bring current and accurate news to the world with the help of today’s technology.

Addistribune was established to provide current news to readers without the addition of any political or religious bias.

We value our readers’ trust, so we aim to ensure that the story given to you contains nothing but the truth, packaged in a compelling and intriguing way through our team of journalists. The total professionalism of our team ensures that “no table is left unturned in getting the truth out.” We also make sure to verify and check everything first before publishing anything.

The news is a very powerful tool; it can bring about change, either positive or negative, which is why at Addistribune we aim to provide you with an unbiased news.

Nothing matters more to us than ensuring that there are transparency and balance in the type of news made available to our esteemed readers.

Our news offerings have something for every kind of reader, and we engage our readers with breaking news on happenings around the world ranging from politics, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and more.  Unlike other news outlets, we do not just focus on the bad news; we will also bring you news that has inspired the world in a positive way. We got you covered from every news angle possible.

You can access news through our website anytime, anywhere!  The site is also well optimized to suit any device, from phones, tablets, and laptops. We got you covered 24/7.

The Addistribune’s aim is to develop a culture of integrity, and unparalleled professionalism. We are more than just a news/media outlet; we are your reporters and investigators on the go!