It’s time to rethink your business strategies. If your techniques have worked well in the past couple of years that you’ve established your business, the same tricks may give over the upper hand to the competition. We’ve studied the top trends in business that are expected to be seen all over in the upcoming year. Top business brands and small businesses are expected to join the bandwagon. The best innovations can now be used for a wide variety of businesses. Every business from startups to established businesses like McIntyre Fencing and other local based small businesses can all learn from the upcoming secrets of the trade.


Unprecedented Artificial Intelligence

We’re seeing AI machines used to augment human performance and this is being implemented in a wide range of industries. We’ve seen it in the automotive industry with assembly line workers, robotics and AI-powered software working together to make state-of-the-art cars more affordable even to an average consumer. The airlines, specifically IBM has already launched Watson to let FA’s now which passengers are missing their connecting flights and gives instructions on what to do. It’s no wonder why Amazon has already used AI to augment their worker’s productivity specifically in regulating dynamic pricing, changing product descriptions and rankings, among others.



A BI intelligence report predicted that in two years, chatbots will be utilized by 80% of businesses. Even small businesses are already using AI with new capabilities including data collection, giving company insights and useful information on customizing products and services. AI now comes with natural language processing advancing making them useful in “conversational commerce. Chatfuel has already begun giving small businesses the capacity to build Facebook-ready chatbots in minutes. Their chatbots also engage with customers, asking the right questions about items and even allowing customers to make purchases through the chatbot via payment methods added into the bot.


Automated Jobs

With a deficit in drivers and the trucking industry hauling around 70% of freights in America, the automated truck delivery system spearheaded by Budweiser is a real game-changer. Other big companies are also automating traditional jobs in recent months.  Pizza Hut is beginning to replace waiters with robots with a capacity to take orders and process payments. Walmart also used automated bots and replaced 7,000 invoicing and accounting employees. Wendy’s has also employed robots in replacement of their lowest paid employees and the biggest sacking went to iPhone maker Foxconn that now uses robots to replace 60,000 employees.


Experience Over Quality

For years we’ve believed that consistent quality of products and services will keep our customers in the long-term. However, with the rise of businesses like the Museum of Ice Cream, we’ve learned that consumers now go for new experiences, a connection of shared values, emotion to drive attention. Quality is a given but to get your business moving forward, your business needs to be more authentic and fit into the mold of the causes, ideals, and values that your customers support.

J.C. Penny, RadioShack, Sears and Macy’s, they’re all closing over 100 stores and Sports Authority has closed for good. Even Toys R Us has filed for bankruptcy. By 2023, it is predicted that half of 1,200 malls in the US will close. With a low unemployment rate and a growing economy, you may be puzzled why retailers are shutting down its doors. Well, Bloomberg has predicted the brick and mortar apocalypse will just get worse as massive retail debt and online shopping continue to rise.



Now that you know what the future has in store for businesses big and small, you need to be prepared. Businesses are going forward and nobody wants their business to close for good. So, rethink your strategies, go over your business plan once more and when you’re ready, move forward starting in 2018.

Tagged as “The Happiest Place on Earth,” how can someone ignore Disney World? It’s the best place for kids who grow up with Disney characters and for the young at heart. The theme park never fails with its many activities and it’s loaded with dining and entertainment areas.

However, you’ll enjoy the theme park more if you know the growing trend of families heading to Disney World for the holidays. You can listen to podcasts about Disney World or you can continue reading this blog to explore the fun and exciting surprises of the world’s most popular theme park.


Perfect Time To Visit

Many families love to visit the theme park during the holidays especially during the Christmas season and the New Year’s Eve. If you’re the type of person who loves to enjoy the festive moments of these events, coming during this time will be the best time for you and your family.

However, the special holidays may not be convenient for you and your family if you’re not the type who loves a crowded place. It’s undeniable that these events attract many crowds that may not be pleasing to you. If you plan to visit Disney World, avoid those events.

Many families consider the perfect time to visit as part of the growing trend of families heading to the theme park. They plan so they won’t miss the best events they want to see.


Bring A Great Bag/Backpack

Considering the best bag for Disney World tour is another thing that many families include in the planning stage. It seems to be an easy decision to make but not really if you want to be comfortable throughout your visit to the theme park.

Backpacks and crossbody bags are the ideal bags to use. These bags allow you to keep your hands free and allow you to carry a decent-sized load. It allows you to carry the essential supplies you need to carry.

When you choose the best bag for Walt Disney World tour, always consider the size, capacity, comfort, internal pockets, durability, water resistance and appearance. These factors are essential so you can easily access the things you need while keeping you comfortable. If you’re touring Disney World in Florida, a water-resistant bag is important as the state experience rain frequently.


Shop and Enjoy

After considering the time to visit and the best bag to use, it’s time to shop and enjoy. Many families enjoy coming together to experience the most exciting rides and watch the most entertaining shows.

But visiting Disney World is also about shopping and dining. It’s another exciting activity that every member of the family loves.

Don’t feel stressed as you plan to visit the theme park. It’s one of the best places you can bring the whole family. All you need is to enjoy and feel like being a kid again. It’s not every day that you visit this place. Just relax and enjoy!

Having to move from one place to another happens to the best and the worst of us no matter how much we try to make our houses into homes. We would imagine living in the same place for a very long time and passing the property down from generation to generation. But in today’s fast-paced life of modern technology, more people are exposed to bigger and better things and moving to a much desirable place seems to be a popular thing to do.


With that in mind, one of the booming industries that have become something of a trend are moving companies. As more and more people move, moving companies are gaining momentum one after the other. After all, moving companies are anyone’s best friend when they are about to move. The struggle of having to move from place to place while having loads of stuff can really get anyone tired and hesitant into moving out in the first place. But with moving companies, we won’t have to worry about that anymore.


An example of that would be companies that actually move heavy duty things such as furniture or other large items that cannot be placed inside the car. For those who do have items that are bigger than most of the items in the house, perhaps it would be best to get piano movers. Chicago suburbs can be a place where more of the middle-class and upper-class citizens reside, which is why all the more reason to hire piano movers for those who do have pianos in their homes.


Moving belongings from one destination is not a particularly popular choice of profession. However, many would be surprised that moving companies are essential on the daily lives of people. They are there to make life a lot easier and more convenient during the stressful and long process of moving out to a new house. Because of this, it has been a popular trend to be a part of a moving company.


There is something noble about helping out other people by giving them a hand in carrying boxes full of family photos or first edition books. No matter what the reason may be, moving can be a life-saver, especially to those who do not have a lot of time and have a lot of things to move.  Moreover, this trendy business venture can also be a great outlet to enhance someone’s skills in jobs that require a lot of heavy-lifting.


As a new and upcoming business trend, moving companies are starting to focus on providing excellent service. Moving companies such as piano movers Chicago suburbs and the like give great representations of the growing business and will definitely soon become a sought-after service all over the country. Moving boxes upon boxes full of items will be a difficult thing to do without the help of moving companies. It is definitely factual to say that moving companies are gaining a lot of attention from the general public over the years and everyone is fortunate enough to have many of these people dedicate their time and effort into helping you move out and settle into a new home.

Let’s face it. Law firms and lawyers can be very intimidating with their large mahogany tables, shiny spectacles, perfectly pressed suits and authoritative air, but no matter how nerve-racking facing them may be, at least once in our life we’ll need the help of a lawyer. I, for one, found myself needing their help a couple of times already for various reasons, and I’m telling you, my first time encountering a lawyer consisted of a jumbled mess of stutters, intimidation, and ignorance. I wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone because that was traumatizing, so I wrote a list of things you need to know when looking for a lawyer.



First and foremost, when you’re looking for a lawyer you should consider their veracity. No matter what your reasons for getting a lawyer may be, an honest lawyer with a strict moral code is always a great sign. You wouldn’t want to end up in a situation where you’d doubt the honesty of the lawyer you hired and end up feeling insecure instead of assured. When first meeting a lawyer, get a feel for their character by asking questions and looking at how they handle themselves, their gestures and their speech. You can also go hire lawyers from reputable firms like Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyer Phillips & Associates.



If it seemed like the lawyer is an honest individual, you should consider if you’re comfortable with him/her. If you find yourself thoroughly intimidated by that person that you can’t even relay your problems or situation clearly, then you’re better off not hiring anyone. The same thing is true if the lawyer is not very responsive and dislikes answering queries. Communication is a two-way relationship. If only one of you is putting an effort in talking, problems are sure to arise during the course of the case.  Miscommunication and the lack of communication in general, are after all, a sure recipe for disaster.



Before meeting with your prospective lawyer, always consider if they are suitable for the job that you require by researching them and the most appropriate type of lawyer for your legal circumstance. Be it for a divorce filing, a lawsuit, will drafting or criminal charges, the lawyer who has relevant experience for your situation is always the best choice. If your company has violated your employment contract and you want to sue them, an Employment and Labor Lawyer is a better choice compared to a Tax Lawyer. Do not be shy about asking questions about the lawyer’s field of expertise, the cases they’ve handled and how long they’ve been practicing. Make the meeting count and glean as much information as you can.


Clear Payment Scheme

When looking for the perfect lawyer, you should also consider if they are within your budget range aside from their skills and characteristics. If they advertise a very low fee, be wary of any unmentioned additional fees. A good lawyer has a clear payment scheme that indicates how much the lawyer charges – if it’s per hour, per hearing or whatnot. Have an agreement with your lawyer and secure a contract that shows how much the case fee will be and what the maximum cost is.

Taking the time and attention to review a water damage restoration service contractor’s bid is imperative, especially when it’s below the rates offered by competitors. Your cheap contractor may lack the needed skills, necessitating a project restart and the hiring of a whole new worker. To avoid these problems, have a look at our helpful suggestions.

Your local water damage restoration service contractor should be viewed as part of the team once you have begun an agreement with him. You have to fully understand each part of the contract before signing the contractual obligation. A down payment on your project should never be half or more than half of the total amount your project will cost. To see how organized your water damage restoration service provider is, attempt to sign the contract in his office.

You should make sure that you’re 100% happy with the nature of work before discharging the last payment. To make sure the work is done properly, live with it for a few days and ensure it accomplishes its purpose, or bring in an inspector to go over it. Pay the remainder of your water damage restoration service contractor’s fee after the project has been finished to your satisfaction. For your taxes and financial records, make sure to keep a copy of every receipt and payment confirmation, and never pay your water damage restoration service provider with just cash.

The success of a any project, whether it’s for water damage restoration or landscape designs, it hinges on having great communication and clear expectations. When problems arise, discuss them calmly and keep an open mind. Do your very best to communicate well with the water damage restoration service contractor so you can have a good working relationship. In order to avoid legal issues in the future, make sure that any interactions that you have with your water damage restoration service provider are kept in a detailed file.

Hiring a licensed water damage restoration service contractor or a removalist specialist (btw if you need one in Sydney just do a search for “removalists Sydney” to find Andy The Guy With A Van), may seem like a simple task, but finding the appropriate one for your situation isn’t always easy. Many people find a great contractor by asking members of their family or friends for referrals. Through organizing networking activities, it can be possible to meet great people working the contracting industry. You should interview as many contractors as possible in order to find the very best one.

You need to be aware of every project detail and make certain the local water damage restoration service contractor is clear. Make certain to enable lots of discussion and questions before signing the contracts. Proper and regular communications with your water damage restoration service provider provides you with an assurance that the job will probably be done accordingly. Constant and clear communication can avoid any misunderstandings that could lead to delays in the project’s completion.

Given the devastation after Hurricane Harvey there is going to be a slew of contractors and data recovery service for hurricane harvey needed to help rebuild homes and communities. This is also a rife time when contractors will unfortunately scam people as they know there are people in need. Even though water damage restoration service contractors always let you know they are reputable and trustworthy, some are certainly the exact opposite. A great deal of contractors ask for more than what a project is worth, or else indirectly charge more by manipulating costs. Check out the history of each and every contractor you interview before choosing the one you feel will do the best job. Read our guide to hiring a reputable contractor to find one in your area.

Any complaints that you have with your water damage restoration service provider ought to be handled out of the public eye and in private. A private place to talk is certainly the easiest way to have open, candor filled meetings with your water damage restoration service provider. Consider putting a hold on your project while you finalize a meeting time and place, but only if your timeline can afford it. Have a detailed contract before starting the work and always carry it when addressing issues that have come up.

Take the time to seek estimates from at least three different prospective water damage restoration service contractors. See what each contractor is quoting for both labor and materials costs and compare their qualifications and experience. Superior work is usually the result of a far more expensive contractor. Cost breakdowns are essential, so make certain your local contractor offers one.

You should send the final payment installment only once you have inspected the work and are 100% satisfied with it. Take a few days to look over all the work or perhaps hire a specialist to look it over. See to it that all needed work is done and you are happy before paying the final installment. Avoid paying your local water damage restoration service contractor with cash and document all exchanges of money.

All projects can be guaranteed success as long as there is good communication that involves detailed expectations and steady input. The very best way to handle any problem that arises is via a conversation which can be honest and assertive. If both of you communicate clearly and frequently, there is no reason for your relationship not to go well. To avoid legal troubles, make sure to keep detailed records of your communications. Keep in mind that many times you are dealing with customers who have experienced a hard situation and they may be short tempered or lashing out, just keep your cool and aim to please them. Dealing with customers in this situation is not going to be the same as if you are say Haigood & Campbell Propane and just have customers looking for a quick refill for something. These people have possibly experienced loss of property, money and sometimes even life.

Before settling on which contractual worker you may want to utilize, make certain to look at all alternate capabilities from different applicants. It’s critical that you consider a water damage restoration service contractor’s ability to deliver the project within budget and on time when you are deciding which candidate best meets your needs. Make it clear to prospective contractors that you will require regular progress reports once work begins. Unless your contractual worker is new to the business, he must have a visual slideshow of past occupations and references for you to look at on your own time.

If you find yourself needing to get rid of vital computers and other data due to damage or other reasons then we suggest using Computer Recycling Center which is the best electronic recycling in Springfield, Missouri and they will get the job done for you.

Perhaps one of the messiest times in American history is the 2016 Presidential Elections. The two deciding factors in the elections are the public votes and the Electoral College which was described as a ticking time bomb.

Frank Newport from Gallup describes the most prominent characteristic the last election as NEGATIVE – everything about it was negative, both the electoral candidates and the election process, especially, when some Americans gave a dissatisfaction rating of 68% for Trump and 48% for Clinton – marking one of the worst ratings for any presidential candidate in history.

Even the online community is raging on and on against the electoral qualification of Trump and Clinton. Hollywood celebrities have launched attacks on the Trump campaign machine, calling for national unity.

Hilary was not exempted from the hot chair as WikiLeaks had provided ‘leaked’ emails of Clinton such as Bill Clinton Inc., her terrible instincts and decision makings, the Bill and Melinda Gates conspiracy, a covert Syrian action and her involvement in some FBI issues.

What does this imply concerning the interest of the public? Some say it’s about as relevant as talking about Austin tuxedo rentals and Houston, Texas tuxedo rentals when it comes to the topic of elections. 

Future elections may become riddled with small satisfactory ratings and issues – reducing the whole election to a dance of clowns, coupled with an enormous amount of voters boycotting the entire system might as well end up deserted.


Another factor which gave rise to the worst of controversies is the result of the electoral college. Andrew Prokop of Vox explains why the electoral college is the absolute worst. First of all, it seems unfair since popular opinion greatly differs from elite opinion. And second is that a few incompetent electors can hijack such an important vote.  


Perhaps the 2016 elections can give rise to a couple of negative future attacks on the electoral college. A few others even question the need of such a system, since the electoral college directly attacks the right to vote and decide for government positions. These will be frutile efforts even though many a law firm will be hired to try to attack it. 


The winner of popular vote losing the election has renewed calls for dumping the electoral college system – affecting even the media. During the campaigns, a lot of public distrust has been placed on popular media providers like CNN and BBC, giving rise to a lot of conspiracy theories and misinformation.

If there is one word that should be highlighted from the last elections, it is the word TRUST – mistrust, distrust, trustworthy –  you name it, it all boils down to trust. Although the future has taken a new turn, it doesn’t always mean that it’s moving on in the right direction.


The loss of public trust has fanned the flame to call for change, both from the outside and the inside. However, it is no question that some positive things came out despite those turbulent times such as the raise of minimum wage for some states and the election of Llhan Omar as the first Somali-American legislator. Nevertheless, Americans still believe in the hope that as long as the country is united as one, the American dream is still alive – there’s nothing that can bring us down.

Health care is a right that every responsible government owes to its citizens – irrespective of the status of the citizen. I have taken a look at what is on the ground and my conclusion is that things are not going in the right direction. The government is adopting lots of measures here and there, but it seems all efforts on their part to fulfill their civic responsibilities all went down the drain.

I have sat and pondered on why the government, after massive sincere investments in the sector is not getting it right, I realized that there is a glaring shortage of doctors as well as dentists and nurses, yet the citizens are still paying a huge bill on health care. There is a misplaced priority on the part of policy implementers for the government in the health sector.

I looked into the books for a period spanning over three decades with the U S as my point of focus; the results l got were lopsided. Over that time, the number of administrative staff has grown 25 times more than the number of physicians! Can you imagine that degree of lopsidedness?

People are paying more for health care service; but in the real sense, they are only paying for the salary of the administrative staff! Without the medical personnel, what then is the use of administrative staff?  Can you see where the problem lies?

The chief reason why the government is not getting things right can be attributed to the activities of private health care practitioners. As the health cost soars, it brings higher profit to these private health care professionals. One of their primary goals is profit, with the present situation, the pendulum is swinging in their favor, and hence, they wanted it to continue for eternity.

My findings on these private health care practitioners show that they are doing everything possible to frustrate the right intentions of government so that their hold on the health sector will continue. For them, it is a brisk business. I bet you can now see and understand clearly the crooked policies of government on the health sector.

The set of people involved is very powerful and influential individuals; this makes it more difficult for the government to deal with them. They maintain a huge presence in any government that comes to power; they are what l call sacred cows in the society. They have succeeded in pocketing the health sector for their selfish gains and interests.

There is an outside reason that is responsible for the failure of governments to get it right in the health care industry. Some citizens still believe that universal health care is evil. They refuse to register for it and therefore put spanners in the works of policy implementers. Cause I can tell you that the government won’t be on the cutting edge of the best nootropics of 2017 or be helping people try or help you in finding the best wrist wraps of 2017 to help improve people’s lives. Why? Because this isn’t the role of the government but if health care was privatized again it could and probably would be. 

The powerful special interests which also include the drug companies, as well as medical equipment suppliers and insurance companies, will make all the efforts on the part of government futile. That is the stark reality.

My candid observations on a final note are that the terrain is too murky. Cost effective national health insurance coverage will not be easy considering the intrigues currently in place in that sector.

The term ‘fake news’ has been trending all over the web and it’s almost depressing. Adding and twisting information for the purpose of sensationalizing has slowly become a threat to democracy— this statement has been repeated numerous times for many months in preparation for the US Presidential campaign. Media has finally conceded the power it holds over its audience and its role as a tool for mind conditioning.

Aidan White’s 2017 article, “Facebook and Matters of Fact” in The Ethics of News, connotes that news journalism is now being used as a means to communicate inaccuracy and misinformation. News becomes a platform of intellectual persuasion. It was evident in two recent and popular issues – Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, there has been loose access to classified documents subject to various interpretations depending on who interprets it.

“The free circulation of malicious lies, the ineffectiveness of fact-checking, the resilience of populist propaganda, racism and sexism and the emergence of the so-called post-truth era appear to challenge a fundamental cornerstone of ethical journalism.” (White, 2017) We cannot say exactly what the motivations of modern and digital media are but there seems to be an obvious clue why this is happening.One theory could be the connection between communications media and the permeation of advertising into daily living.

The impact of media in the succeeding generations since the invention of television is staggering. Visual persuasion has heightened with the introduction of smartphones, mobile devices, and different applications. These persuasive messages are inserted in commercials and regular TV programming. Media studies refer to this as influence attempts (Everyday Influence) and because media has become a routine in the 20th century, the brain easily gets used to being infiltrated by these attempts.

Advertising is an unlikely culprit. It is described as “a means of communication for a product, service or idea” where it conventionally serves as a method for product endorsing. Advertising might be the means, but its power to persuade is its secret weapon.

Persuasion continues to permeate the system leaving marks of it in print and visual media until it invades traditional, visual, digital, and social media that attracts us, its audience. This is where persuasion influences the news transforming it into a method of endorsing an idea rather than dispatching information. This defeats the real purpose of news. Steve Andriole of Forbes Magazine compared and contrasted mass media since the 1950s and compared it to how then-Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump used media to his advantage. Objective truth is reduced to numbers and becomes a creation and consumption of alternatives fact. It’s similar to the truth being translated and gets lost in translation along the way. It’s similar to saying that needing a DUI attorney or incurring traffic tickets in Springfield, Missouri are somehow influenced by anything other than people are breaking driving laws, it’s not true and the truth gets buried from consumers. The line between real and fake news has been blurred because the so-called “authorities” of truth are driven by potential monetary and power gain.

The biggest threat to authenticity is the question of accessibility, which is the essence that makes news or information authentic. The accessibility makes anyone express their opinion and create a spontaneous discussion that could lead to major questioning or even doubt. “Decades ago the reach of the truth-versus-falsehood debate was limited to those who studied the differences and the majority of the population who “watched.” A few decades ago the debate was small and therefore manageable primarily because the information itself traveled much more slowly.” (Andriole, 2017)

It’s not about searching for the truth, but more of recovering the truth. The truth has been manipulated in more ways imagined for less than noble reasons. It may take a little moderation for people to be contented with where they stand, media-wise. Until then, any information will continue to unravel and will be unstoppable. Much like how people want to know the actual truth on things that affect their lives, like if they have an STD (speaking of if you think you have an STD then check out STDAware testing/clinics close to me) and other issues that thrive on needing to know the actual truth so you can do something about a situation if needed, the American people need and deserve to know the truth from the media so that they can make the same decisions about issues that related to their life. 


how divided is america in 2017

Consumer Confidence On The Rise

Posted by addistribune on August 8, 2017
Category: United States

The Consumer Confidence Index is based on the survey of 5,000 households in the USA. It is conducted by the Conference Board, and it aims to measure the attitude of consumers in the current or future performance of the economy.

When the index is low, it is expected that there is an increase in spending. But when the index is high, there will be an increase in spending on goods and services. Consumer confidence is an important indicator of the economy since consumer spending accounts for about two-thirds of gross domestic product.

Meanwhile, consumer confidence measures a wide range of consumer attitude. This includes expectations of the general economic situation and household’s financial positions. It also includes views of the consumer on making major household purchases such as a brand new house and a car (and car insurance of course).  

The US Consumer Confidence Index for December 2016 surged almost four points to 113.78, which is the highest level in more than 15 years. People felt better about the economy and a lot of it has to do with the change of leadership. Companies are bringing home the jobs in the United States, and this is probably because of President Donald Trump and other factors.

President Trump in the rise of Consumer Confidence Index

There is suddenly more hope for Americans these days. Consumers express optimism regarding the outlook for business, jobs and personal income prospects. Their assessment of current business and labor market conditions have improved considerably.

Consumers and businesses feel current economic conditions have improved over the recent period.

For one, small business owners look forward to the possibility of tax reform. Second, they look forward to business friendly policies and renegotiating trade deals. Lastly, they look forward to expanding energy production as promised by the Trump administration.

Other factors on Consumer confidence

On the other side, consumer confidence is also based on several factors and not by President Trump’s promises alone. You can see this when you look at the auctioneer market. According to Foreman Auction Group which are known as the top rated auctioneers in Springfield, MO, they say that you can see the temperature of the economy by how many people are showing up to auctions and what prices are going for. 

First, Labor Market strength could encourage the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. Second, the consumer price index, income gains, housing market, credit and personal savings rate have all increased recently thus affecting the overall consumer confidence of the US.

Rise and Fall of Consumer Confidence

It must be noted as well that falling confidence could be a symptom of recession and not the other way around; just like in 2008 financial crisis. Meanwhile, a fall in consumer confidence can lead to an increase in savings. When confidence returns, people may spend these savings on items they have delayed buying.

Also, a decrease in confidence may cause firms holding back on investment. But, in the future, this could lead to a mini-boom in investment as all the delayed investment comes back into the economy.You can also see the confidence increasing with the rise of more review types of websites hitting the market everyday. These can be things about portable basketball hoop reviewbest in ground basketball hoop sites all the way to new car types of review sites. A great indicator that people are buying more things and thus having more confidence. 

In a nutshell, Consumer confidence is only a survey and people may become optimistic or pessimistic for reasons not related to a change in economic fundamentals or even the change of leadership such as the reign of President Trump. However, let us make these indicators a challenge so Americans can live a better life in the next years to come.